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November Community Calendar

New Map for Galactic Civil War: Jedha (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

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A lot of people is asking for Scariff to be added to the game, but I think Jedha looks and feels more like a war.
This city could be perfect for a game mode like Capital Supremacy.
A close quarters map would be as good as my favorite current CS map, Naboo.
It could have accesable interiors to give it a different play style.
This is how the map would look like. (these images were made by James Culley using Unreal Engine 4)
This map could be like Naboo, but with a more realistic war ambience.

Having new Tognath skins for the rebels will help in the ambience:
apart from these for default only in this map

The update could bring a new vehicle for The Empire, the TX 225:
It could be countered with a more powerful rocket launcher for the rebels, maybe as a special unit (like the original Battlefront's engineer).

What if when the match ends, if The Empire wins, the Death Star blows up the city like in the movie

But if the rebels wins, we see the full animation of the star destroyer falling to the city.

This update could be a part of the very requested Rogue One season, arriving to the game besides to Scariff, Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic.
What do you think?
Check my Mimban Battle from Solo: A Star Wars Story map for the Galactic Civil War:


  • Dunno why nobody said anything about this in about a week, it's brilliant to me. This, Mimban and Scariff as part of a kind of "Spin Off Season" has to be a must.
  • I’m definitely wanting more vehicles
  • I think it looks too much like Mos Eisley. The devs have been trying to have each map be really unique.

    I like it, though.
  • Dude, I have been wanting a Rogue One update forever!! They have been saying we need more blaster and female heroes, Jyn is perfect!!! Since Jedha is like the best dessert planet this is awesome!! Thank you so much for both of you ideas!
    Yeah, you know who I am...
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