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Queuing for full servers via Origin

Today, trying to join several different friends on Origin, I get a message telling me,
"We're sorry, the game you are trying to join is full. Please wait or join a different game."

My first question is:
Why is Dice deliberately trying to kill Battlefront 2?
Literally, the only way Australian servers are made is through invites/queuing. Our player base relies on this to create servers and actually get to play them.
By removing the ability to join games, you have eliminated or restricted our ability to play in them. If you were worried about teams getting stacked, you could have just had it join random team, rather than the same team as the friend. If you think that people are going to sit around for 15 minutes in an empty lobby, I am 100% sure that you've never done it before yourself. People rarely have the patience to wait, so there won't be second, third, or fourth servers running of the same game mode, where all the excess players can just go to another server as this change would reflect would be the next course of action. There aren't enough active players, and most new players don't stick around because they can't find a server, and they can't find a server because they can't see any servers, and they can't see servers because:
A: They have no or not enough friends on Origin that play BF2.
B: BF2 does not have a server browser.

And all of this was done to avoid inputting a server browser, which would literally fix every problem this game has in adding new players to a regular player base.
Australian servers are going to be the first to go. Will Dice listen, or do we need another event like the first week of BF2 coming out, where EA lost a lot of money on account of an arrogant response from staff to the customers, via Reddit?

So, why is Dice/EA deliberately trying to force regular players to stop playing?


  • Ok its not often i play devils advocate and defend the game ( i do some times when needed) and this is one of those times, You said the game was already full, if so you had the same 2 choices we all get. It isn't rocket science or like trying to sneak away the death star plans is it.
    • wait to join if some one drops
    • or invite your friends and set up another match.
    Other than that if its full its full so what else can they do? make a special slot just for you in a match, or add more player slots? (these will fill as well).
  • Um, if it's full, how about leaving it how it is?
    If there are 42 people playing, and 40 of them are in a server already, there are 2 people waiting. Right? Devil's advocates CAN count, right?

    So if 40 people are in the server, and 2 people go off to create a new server then...
    How many people will they need to start the game, and how long will that take to get those people?
    What happens if they don't succeed? They miss out on playing? What happens to the time they've already invested in waiting? An hour of sitting at a screen? Whereas the system we had, as imperfect as it was, meant that you'd never wait for more than 15min in a queue until someone in the server would quit.

  • jonci
    1228 posts Member
    Starting a new server (there has to be more than 1 server for he whole of Australia) therefore more games available. However, if as you say the only way to play a match is you have to invite the people rather than jumping in a game then i agree that's madness on EA's part.

    The only other issue with trying to join i have noticed is if your invisible in Origin then it greys out the join game icon if you wish to join a friend. (yeah separate issue but just mentioning it any way).

    For my money you could have the South African players to make up numbers they lost their servers and now ping into Europe 200ms + and cause us lag.

  • Australian servers would not be the first go. South African servers has already been deleted and the ireland one as well. I think there were one or two others as well.
  • jonci
    1228 posts Member
    Actually DON 776 I must apologise to you.

    I did notice that the ability to join in a match with friends was broken last night in UK, it says game full please look for another game, rather than place you in Que so i guess another bug to add to the list of recent ones, (excluding character bugs)

    So recent bugs that are not helping the game at all.
    Lag bug
    Fast speed up Bug
    End of match screen hanging bug not refreshing into next round
    Cant join a match bug
    @F8RGE is there any plan on fixing these issue, (the lag one DICE promised ages ago to sort it and it has just gotten worse). The speed up bug is also as bad, the other 2 can be worked around in game for now.
  • @F8RGE we don't like this ^ at all.
  • It's not just joining a match, even if you get in the same match, you can't
    Use someone's invitation to join Thier group anymore. The only way to be in the same group is for everyone to do so at the main menu.
  • jonci
    1228 posts Member
    Perhaps OP can change the title and omit ORIGIN and add across all platforms.
  • So the way around it is, the person joining has to make a new group and everyone join him/her, then you can be matchmade together. This way you don't have to back out for the new person to join.
  • Just in case it IS bug, someone has started a thread in the bug forum. Post details there. At least with the bug forum you get an answer -
  • Well just show how well this works. I could not join my friends who were in a lobby playing SFA, so I joined a new lobby. Found a game. Played one round them matchmaking kicked in as we moved to a new map. Went from two teams of 12 players each to two teams of 3 players each. After 5 minutes of waiting no new players joined, in fact the few who wee there started leaving Then went search and guess what? I could not find a new lobby.

    Yet another stuff up which ruins the game, does not help anyone, and just leave you sitting in empty lobbies. Yet another change brought in that no one asked for! Thanks for nothing -_-
  • So still no answer? :(
  • So still no answer? :(

    Second this question
  • Sat in lobby for 15 minutes last night waiting for it to populate. It was like 3 on 3 & we banded together for Starfighter-HvV.
  • Yep, match making generally is broken. I always play solo, I have noticed recently that full lobbies get split EOR in just about every mode. Then you end up in a lobby needing loads of players with zero chance of starting. On Saturday night, EU server on Xbox, I could not even join a game of GA, the search went on for ages. When I eventually did get in a game, I was obviously on a distant server as I had constant slow Internet warning and horrific lag.
  • I've had friends say that they have tried to join games on people for like 15 minutes and just gave up trying in the end because they had to sit constantly clicking to try and join and couldn't be bothered anymore and just went to play other games.

    Do you see what you're doing dice?? These people who were in the queue were guaranteed to keep games full for longer when others dropped out. Now there are less people even trying to join games and the numbers are way down on Aussie server because of it. Games were stopping at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights when they usually go to 2am.

    Still waiting on an answer whether or not this was an intentional change... @F8RGE @T0TALfps
  • I would have thought we'd at least have acknowledegement of this by now with even a "its being looked at" reply, but still radio silence :(
  • Must’ve been on purpose then. So out of touch
  • Keep bumping this then until they comment on it. It's a change I am sure no one asked for or it could be a test for the coop mode (which would still not make much sense as the old one was fine)
  • @F8RGE
    this i can confirm is a real bug

    also when match ends the server doesn't take me to the next map until the next match has started. very annoying. i'm surre it's a server issue.
  • @F8RGE Can you or any other moderator confirm on if this is a bug or not? And if so why we've received 0 official response on this over the past 3 months? The inability to play with friends is infuriating and doesn't bode well for retaining players or this game's lifespan.
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