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Focused Feedback

Cannot join friend’s game/group join issues

When I try to join a friend’s game, the “Join game” is frequently grayed out. This issue just came out of nowhere. It seems that you can only join at the bery end of games. If I actually get into the group but not in the game, there is no queue any longer. It I hit right stick down to join, I get error code 2,741 “We’re sorry, the game you are trying to join is dull. Please wait or join a different game.”

What the heck is going on? After the initial bugs were ironed out with the devs working so hard and the game seemed stable the last update broke a lot of stuff. Joining friend’s is game is broken along with some hero glitches like Rey’s quick dash destroying an enemy’s stamina & Obi-wan’s ridiculous damage reduction.

With his issue, you’re sitting there waiting to join or going back and forth to the party join game from the friend listing join game. Didn’t see any other complaints about this issue in the forums but all my friends are having the same issue.

Thanks for looking at my post. Moderators and devs any feedback or updates on this would be nice.


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