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[PC] 327th Star Corps Recruiting PvE Players! Leadership/specialized roles available

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edited September 29
Per the title, the 327th will mainly be playing on coop tactically. That means we will be utilizing different roles for their purpose and playing as a team, rather than just run around and shoot everything. We will occasionally play some PVP, and hopefully, utilize our tactical training in there as well.

Since I have just created the group, I am looking for people who are interested in a leadership role, or specialized role, including Special Forces units (LIMITED).

This group is meant for new and casual players who prefer to play tactical instead of running and gunning, and for players who prefer PVE, but don't mind jumping into PVP every now and then (you don't even have to play PVP if you don't want to).

- Must have a Discord account
- Must be willing to change your Discord AVI/icon
- Must be willing to represent the 327th in-game
- You will be limited to playing the class you choose

If interested, add me on Discord and send me a PM: itzphi#2842
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