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Everytime i play bf 2015 im angered by it. I love that game so much but there is so much lost potential. This game would be absolutely brilliant if all the dlc added game modes were offline with the local, splitscreen, and solo options. Play sabotage, extraction, battlestation, and infiltration offline would give this game a spot in history and live forever. What will happen to the dlc if the servers are shut down? Just wasted content, money and resources? This game deserves more offline modes, respect and love. Online gameplay will dwindle eventually. Tonight i saw i couldnt even find a match in walker assault or cargo, first time like ever. This game needs someone to help save it.

This game shouldnt even be called battlefront, it has no command posts, and no classes and only one era. This game should be called star wars galactic civil war, and be supported as a side project. Battlefront 2 should be the first official reboot just ea battlefront. Bf 2015 is a completely different game and its awesome.

@F8RGE or anybody. Or i suppose ill just stop beating a ded horse and move on like everyone else. Can another developer come and finish this game. Lost potential.
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  • Whoever design the gameplay on BF2015 they nailed it, all the dynamic gameplay and fun some players got for the first time with Fortnite, we BF2015 did it first with this master piece.

    I wish they publish a different game no Starwars related but same gameplay. Is a gold mine.

    I can't ask for more material for this game... but only say THANKS for make it, we loved it.
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