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Focused Feedback

Improving the Falcon

I’d love to see the Millennium Falcon live up to it’s iconic status. Right now it’s far too easy to park behind it and blow it out of the sky; so below I have a few ideas to help make it more fun to play and that also utilize some of the Star Wars lore:

Han and Chewie: I think the best idea would be to get rid of the speed boost and replace it with a legitimate hyperdrive that would speed you away and have you arrive at another place on the map. Now before you say this is too powerful, you could definitely increase the delay time between when the power could be used again, but the escapability of Han and Chewie was what they were known for, and how awesome would that be to see.

Rey and Chewie: get rid of the Hard Lock and put Finn in the turret! A passive turret defense with some Finn voice over would be much cooler and what’s more iconic than the turret defense on the Falcon??? They’re not just for looks.

Lando: This one I’ve had a harder time with. If you wanted to link it to the Solo movie I’d say you actually buff up the boost ability by having the boost actually do damage to pursuers like they dropped some coaxium into the engine. Or I was thinking that they just boost the rear deflectors which would give you another layer of shields. Not as sexy, but still would encourage me to play it.


  • One of the abilities needs to be autolock cannons. The ship (at least post-Lando) has two fully articulated quadgun mounts - let us use them.
  • One of the abilities needs to be autolock cannons. The ship (at least post-Lando) has two fully articulated quadgun mounts - let us use them.

    I remember asking for that when it came out... Either an ability to turn on the canon for a short period of time or make it a two player ship. lol
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  • Rear auto turret would be the addition that would make the ship more viable. Too easy to camp and kill a Falcon. Only hope right now is that you have good enough teammates that will keep your back clear.

    Tip for other players when you see a Falcon spawn as a teammate: some of the easiest kills in the mode come against people that are so fixated on clearing a Falcon, that they ignore the people behind them. Keep your Falcon buddy's six clear, it's a win/win for both of you.
  • And make the damn thing faster, that thing is slower than molasses on a wall.
  • It would be pretty rad if the same sort of turret command you get for the officer class could apply to the Falcon's guns. And yes, the ability to fire behind.

    Remember in the old BF2 you had gunner positions in certain ships, like the LAAT and Y-Wing? Yeah. Let players spawn into gun turret positions in the Falcon, etc. I mean, I know they won't but I wish it was possible.
  • I really do like the hyperdrive idea
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