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Galactic Assault is dead

I tried to play two games of Galactic Assault today. The first game was on Kashyyyk and it was 16 vs 10. I quit and went to go find another game and it was 5 vs 4. I know it'll never happen, but it's a pretty thought to believe we need Galactic Assault in the Arcade. Everyone is flocking to Capital Supremacy and leaving the other cool maps in the dust. I feel there is no need to play Capital Supremacy since the release of Instant Action. If solo players did matter, EA would consider adding Galactic Assault for those offline players; no matter how difficult it would be to program the AI.


  • I like GA but premades and latency just prohibit to play several modes online, so haven't even tried long ago
  • its still pretty active on pc. I'm playing on the us virginia servers.
  • Janglesworthy
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    whatever game mode provides the highest opportunity for maximum xp and kills for star card and weapon unlocks cancels out all other modes.

    CS provides longer games, thus higher xp more kills for weapon unlocks, and less time in load screens. So you pivot, take GA maps and turn them into Co-op and leave regular GA incase you happen to change how unlocks and xp work.

    A possible fix would be to not end the game per round, but have people switch sides w/o having to reload the map. That way you stay in game longer and make more xp w/o the top 5 waiting/match making/game loading/45 second count down/cinematic intro.
  • OcDoc
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    its still pretty active on pc. I'm playing on the us virginia servers.

    I definitely think posting the server you are on is pretty pertinent in this case.

    I don’t doubt the new map has drawn some players (at least temporarily) and I think the addition of control point spawning in CS is under-rated. But GA is very much different than CS and I doubt it (GA) will disappear.

    I will say this again... If I was the lead on the development team, I would make it a mandatory policy that all new maps be made for GS, CS and HvV at minimum. It is an awful lot of work to add a new map for just one mode.
  • DICE has made every development decision they make 3 times harder than it needs to be on themselves by their initial design of this game. They have put so many needless constraints on their development it really made things complicated on them.

  • I've played nothing by co op since the update. I can gain at least one level per match. It's a goldmine for catching up with people who have been playing since launch. And playing AI instead of humans has really helped me refine my skills a bit and experiment more with loadouts and tactics. AGainst other human players there's no real opportunity to improve if you aren't already amazing. I also think co op is just more fun, since it's objective-based rather than just battle royale.
  • its still pretty active on pc. I'm playing on the us virginia servers.

    I play on PS4 so I don't know if I can change server location. But whatever server I'm on its pretty barren.
  • I think cs/coop got a lot of people leveled up and now they are heading back to GA.
  • Not surprising. People probably gave up on this game after the forced BOTG event.
  • i have had issues finding a game in GA as well.
  • Since this last week its been some what empty.
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  • I only play GA during HU now.
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