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Co-op Suggestion: No Respawn Until After Command Post Capture

To add challenge to the co-op mode you shouldn’t be allowed to respawn once you die until after the remaining members of your team has captured the command post. This would make this more a little like the wave survival mode of the 2005 game


  • This would lead to alot of players quitting matches often, due to frustration of "waiting".
  • Just add more enemies between capture posts. Make us fight our way to the objective.. Add enemy turrets or something..
    The mode is far too easy.

    The only times it gets a bit difficult is the last phase on Naboo if you get ***** that don't stand in the "circle".

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  • chairmankaga525
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    edited October 10
    That would suck.

    However. What if they reversed the starting troop options, so that you began with a commando or enforcer or whatever, then once you died you had to respawn as a basic class until you earned enough XP for an elite class (which should be doubled, honestly). After you captured a CP you'd also have elite options.

    The 3rd and 4th phases of Naboo suuuuuuck if you don't have someone playing Bossk who's mining the CPs, laying down dioxin across the corridor, and sniping the staircase. You can rack up so many kills, but you have to MOVE.
  • Umm, no. It's bad enough that you need 3 and 4 people to even start the co op match. Making people wait is ridiculous and would lead to massive amounts of quitters. What they need to do is make it 2 player co op starting and it would add difficulty to it. Stop trying to artificially make the game harder. I want Co Op with a friend. I do not want to wait. I want to feel powerful. I want to slaughter AI with a buddy. I want to win the game. I want to level up. Co Op is what is going to save this game in my opinion. Once they tweak a few things such as the AI glitching out and not spawning and attacking the points you yourself are at, then it will be perfect. Also they need to fix the glitches where you force push them and they are still somehow shooting you while in mid air getting pushed away. That is my biggest complaint with Co Op.

    Other than that, people need to stop trying to artificially make Co Op more difficult. You're supposed to be OP. You're supposed to have fun just slaughtering AI. It's not a game mode meant for competitiveness. I really appreciate DICE coming out with Co Op and I look forward to the content that they are hopefully going to bring to it. Original Trilogy is a must.
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