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November Community Calendar
Triple XP Event

Things That Players Do That Annoy Me

10. Turret spammed
9. People still abusing the use of Anakin
8. Being grenade spammed
7. Being spammed by knockdowns
6. AT-STs one shotting me when I'm a hero with their rockets
5. People spamming swing with their lightsabers
4. Overbuffing reinforcements/infantry (I know they fixed this recently, but it occasionally ticks me off)
2. Teammates in HvV that don't know what to do


  • When I'm a hero and the enemy hero's only mission in life is to follow me wherever I go and attempt to kill me. Then to see them charge forward through my teammates and spam their lightsaber at me while I'm just holding down block is truly a beauty to behold. As they get pelted in the back they turn to engage infantry as if I'm AFK and get a swift force choke and saber throw to end their foolishness. Only until they spawn in as a hero later and attempt the same thing.
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