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Focused Feedback

For the sweet love of god, NERF Commando.

I just returned to the game like 3 days ago (from 3-4 months break) and after a lot of Supremacy matches, I can admit that Commando is busted af. I lose like 80% of CiS sided games because of Commandos. They just STOMP whole match and enemy troops, making them like useless. Republic really owns Supremacy atm because of that new class. All i can do right now is is to have hope I will be matched as Republic lol.


  • he8mk893ip6g.gif

    ^ DICE when they see this post ^
  • I dont think they need a nerf, but they should be more expensive, like 2,000 or 2,500. And there should be 4 allowed max, not 5(or is it 6?)
  • They outgun the hell out of the BX - they should be at least 2500 and the BX gun should be buffed and his fog made poison. Also there explosive is way to powerful. They have 3 rockets while even the super battle droid has just one and slows down like crazy.

    Also since the Commando the CiS has few tanks since the commando just melts them. WHY - no one thinks of this. T

    Also the commdos explosives are so deadly against Dooku, Maul, Grievous which have a hard anyway because of Anakin and Obi.

    Together with OP Anakin and superpowerful Yoda the Droids are lost. The BX with its pea shooter is outgunned by Clone Commandos and Arc Troopers, the super battle droid just stomped by Anakin and Yoda and the Droideka need a buff anyway.

    Today a played with almost the same Team: As Clones we stomped them - we almost held it all the time and won easily - yet in the second round as droids we had a hard time and only made it because the clones objective at the end is so easy - other than that we barely made it. But its not fun playing as a better player yet dying all the time because the other side is just OP and you just keep spamming characters. NO FUN :(
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