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The big list of little things - Image Heavy

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This is a list of little quality of life issues I have comes across in game off the top of my head. What is your list?

Tech problems
player movement
- jump - add ledge grab/auto-vault to pull up over edges chest height (crates included)
- Ledges that are knee high block player from moving forward unless you jump. Add an auto step up to smaller elevations like control point A in the second phase of kamino Co-op room. There is a large walk way in the middle of the room stemming from the control point.
- Suggestion - add cover mechanic to Co-op ala gears/rainbow six vegas etc.
- Ground objects - player gets stuck on props. Yavin has a spawn point in hvv where the ground is broken with roots and rocks, the player has to bunny hop around the entire area to move.
- Control points like the naboo palace rooms are surrounded by props, jedi/sith characters end up on top of furniture after using their lightsaber attack do to poor collision?
- Dodge roll Suggestion - replace with ground slide to cover mechanic for Co-op

- movement physics are sloppy, vehicles could mimic halo's concept of control and physics.

- Remove heat build up penalty animation for reaching max build up. It's redundant when you then have to watch the quick time reload after and slows down gunplay.
- ground elevation and environment props break abilities like force push/pull/radial attacks
- Felucia Co-op final control point has pot holes in the ground that break your force abilities

Match making
Allow the players to select their faction/hero before match making so they can play the game the way they want. I give the player a priority list of factions they would like to play second, third, fourth if first choice is not available.

This allows for easier cross era development and porting of all maps to all eras.
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    Final cp on felacio has some geometry players get stuck in. This type of geometry/prop hangup is on every map in the game. This is the type of thing that costs people their hero in the regular game then they rage quit and never come back.


    below is an example of terrain that doesn't block blaster fire but breaks force abilities plane when standing anywhere on it or in it.
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  • notes on felucia…
  • example of cleaning up movement through the environment...
  • Pretty sure D.I.C.E. would have to re-work the game from the ground up in a whole new engine just to even figure out how to do most of this stuff but...good list nonetheless.
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    Here are examples of things that look good in cinematics but obstruct the flow of movement and gameplay. They look good from an art directors view, but add nothing to gameplay and only take away from it. Resources saved from cleaning this up could be spent on more bots.

  • some things on kysh/geo
  • for summary, all decors should be removed .... I'm not for
  • Increase the roll limit by at least one and double that for Blaster Heroes. In HvV, without the extra roll to dodge a light saber you die. Not much incentive to play them if you don't have to.
  • something feels off about saber gameplay in general and I think it is the position of the aiming reticle to player body alignment. I think the player body can be pushed closer to the aiming reticle. You naturally want to aim with the head/torso of the player when playing in thirdperson melee

  • A few areas in the pictures have a bit too much objects, especially in Naboo palace side rooms. But I don't think they should be completely removed. I'm really tired of crowd battles in those rooms becoming so frequent and going on for a long duration. There's a number of other rooms to go to, but its still somewhat limiting and in narrower spaces. I suggest expanding to other rooms in the palace, and expanding the map on 2 or 3 sides of the palace for entry into it. Lots of the maps have a one way to enter that building setup, so it would make it different.

    Great suggestions to add step-up via tapping a button, double jump for ledge grab and pull up, and quick step-up shin-high objects such as the ones in Kamino's inner chambers atop the main platforms. Using jump button may not work because it would then require a jump to be performed by holding the jump button down, but still possible. The problem with vaulting in certain games is it stops ability to shoot or use an item for longer than necessary. It should be really fast, and allow gunfiring during the motion, perhaps also certain abilities (e.g., throw an impact grenade or other throwable grenade, use a buff, but not set a turret or something that requires a longer time to activate). Initiating a shield and aiming a missile launcher is doable too within the vault action, and is doable in step-ups too. Not during ledge grab, however; immediately after pulling up to the ledge is alright.

    Those holes in Felucia are cool hazards, but they're too difficult to get out from. I haven't seen or experienced the problems with force push and such, so I don't know what to say about it. They can be used as brief safe havens from enemy fire and potentially explosions. I agree that the terrain on Felucia and forest maps has lots of collision problems, especially when trying to run or dodge. If those areas were treated more like ramps with slightly different degrees of slope, it would probably be easier to change so it doesn't produce bumpy, jagged motions and ruin actions and immersion. But not all objects on the ground should be removed or walk-over areas. There's a button that isn't in use, on the PS4 it's the triangle button, so it could be set for the step-up and perhaps the vaulting & ledge grab actions too. Lots of objects, especially branches and certains boxes / containers have geometry that expands beyond their visible boundaries. A number of spaces underneath platforms, structures, and in between crates / objects are wide enough to fit through but cause getting stuck. It needs fixing because it often means I'm quickly killed, or am delayed in getting to an objective / moving through and to locations.
  • these bushes in theed are solid objects that the player and AI have to jump over in order to move through the environment. They are less than knee high.
    Here is an example of where to stand and use anakins abilities to try and hit AI and have your abilities blocked by static objects in the map.

  • Jump mechanic needs a ledge grab/auto ledge grab and pull up.
    In this section of geo there are lots of areas that the player have to completely run around like a 2d game in order to get to places.
    Since you can't pull up over body height ledges you have to run all the way around, unless your a hero/jetpack class.
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