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Will NOT play until Commando is downgraded

It is almost comical how overpowered the clone commando is. It's at the point where me and 3 others can all be them and just run into the other base and take it, no matter the objective. Nothing can stop us. Not even a hero... or two. Cheat code to play as and absolutely infuriating to play against. I'm a 200 kill a game person but when on the CIS, winning is almost impossible. I played the hell out of this game up to this week but CS is no longer fun because of the commando. Please remove their insane health ability. They literally dont need it. They have enough health as is. There should always be a way to counter an enemy's strategy, but pair a few of these dudes together and its over. Let's not even talk about if there's a hero or something with them. Unfair. Not fun. Will be waiting for update because I love the game otherwise and love the other updates, but truly, sincerely, the commandos are OP.


  • Totally agree! Also their rockets changed the balance considerably for the worse: they take tanks out so easily that since they arrived the clone have total vehicle domination now. And the vehicles then attack the villains which have a hard time against OP Anakin anyway.

    One dude I played with deleted the game all together because he is fed up.
  • Batman20
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    edited October 3
    I don't get how dice can be so stupid before releasing them same with anakin. They must have known anakin was gonna be crazy op but still added him like that. Same with clone commandos they must have known how good they were gonna be and how many people might complain. But still just added them like that. It's like they enjoy the extra work of having to fix them after rather than just saving time and having them balanced to begin with. And giving them more time to work on other content
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