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November Community Calendar
Triple XP Event

Ranking Hero Stuns

6. Electrocute. The animation is pretty long, plus the stun is much shorter than others.
5. Chewbacca's stun Grenade. Chewie used to be an absolute GOD during start of summer 2018 on HvV. His stun with furious bowcaster could take out enemies within SECONDS. However Chewy was hit hard with nerfs, and his stun length and bowcaster damage and fire rate was decreased. His stun is good, but definitely not as good as other stuns.
4. Phasma's droid. The problem with Phasma is that she's underwhelming at times. She does definitely rely on her turret in HvV but it's not half bad. Most Phasma players will camp with their turrets, but it can be a game changer. Her stun is really useful but when the turret is destroyed, Phasma can be left vulnerable.
3. Stun Droid. Just like Lando's, you can stun multiple enemies and pair it with your alternate fire to deal a lot of damage. And in HvV, like Lando too, if you stun a hero at close range with headshots, you will deal a lot of damage. Not to mention, if you have a dumb enemy , they'll probably block, but you can take em out with your ALT fire. But, if affected by Obi Wan's mind trick, you're probably screwed.
2. Disabler. Lando's stun is very powerful. The range is really good, plus the duration. You can pair his stun with sharp shot and take out many enemies. Plus, in HvV, If you nail every headshot at close range, you can deal massive damage.
1. Freeze. Kylo Ren's freeze is probably the best stun. If you have good teammates by your side with Kylo, you can freeze any hero and let your teammates take em out. The freeze is about 3 seconds, so it is very useful.
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