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Suggested Course of Action to Remedy Battlefront II Bugs/Glitches

Star Wars Battlefront II had a very rough start when it released in the fall of 2017. After several months of fixing the code, disposing of the crate system, and releasing new content, the game is now fully playable and even better than before. New content consisted of new playable Heroes and Villains, new maps, reinforcements, appearances, and game modes. However, nothing is perfect and there are numerous bugs, glitches, and hackers in this game. It is hard to enjoy a computer game when sometimes, a lot of the aspects of it don’t work correctly. As an experienced Battlefront II player, it is my personal opinion that DICE should stop all production of new content after The Rise of Skywalker update to focus on the glitches and bugs that plaque this great videogame.

While DICE was panicking at the thought of losing their players to an uncompleted yet released game, they developed new content and fixed their mistakes. Throughout the summer of 2019, DICE has given the Battlefront Community Clone Wars content. This year of content gave us great new ways to play and essentially saved the game from going under. Thankfully, DICE and EA Games have regained the trust of the players and we now enjoy a good relationship between player base and the developers.

However during this time of new content, DICE let the game become infested with glitches and hackers. Some example of glitches over time has been the horrible Hit-Box bug with Lightsaber characters. General Grievous’ abilities not dealing damage or getting caught in their own animation. Falling through the map. Getting immobilized in set pieces. Blocks from Lightsaber heroes not being efficient. Hackers who buff themselves up and nerf others to win the match. Speeders able to one-shot Heroes and Villains at full health. And dealing damage to other players that never registers. The list goes on. Battlefront II has layer upon layer of new content and it has become a fantastic game. With that said, every update comes with its portion of glitches. So when you have layer upon layer of new content, you will find layer upon layer of anomalies. What has happened is that DICE have been focused on new content, trying to bring back players and please the community. This has been their number one priority, not glitches.

No game is perfect, I understand that. Battlefront II will never be perfect, I understand that. But what we don’t understand is the hard work and the frustration that we put on the Battlefront Developer team. I appreciate all that they have done for us and their cooperation and eagerness to please us. Nevertheless, the more updates and patches that go into this game, the worse the bugs become. Hackers, malfunctions, animation hiccups, and bugs are so numerous, that the community is getting to the point that they stop playing the game altogether. It is my personal opinion that DICE needs to stop all new content after Rise of Skywalker, and begin fixing what they have caused through their eagerness to bring back this epic and fun video game.


  • hosco33
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    I understand the frustration, I had a similar post some months ago, but I'd rather bet on content playable despite bad community members. We have co-op and instant action, if they could improve Arcade, give split screen to IA and bring private matches to online content, no hackers or abusers (abusing legitimate glitches) will matter because we could choose whom we are going to play with... elegant players basically.

    I'd love to play Starfighters GA, Troopers GA, and so forth, but after several months (this year in fact) I have given in playing online with unknown people. And from the Devs perspective, I think It's just unreasonable trying to fight people that will always search, find and exploit vulnerabilities, it could take forever without new content. That's why I think co-op was a brilliant idea, but the real cause is Cancerous Players, not "the intensity of playing against competent humans", as they said in their official release video.

    It would always be funny playing against good players all around the world, but I appreciate new content if that cannot be achieved in the short term.
  • the fix is in figuring out the bottle neck between the developers and QA. They need to be able to hot fix/patch small updates as needed and as fast as possible between the larger at the end of the month update.

    All the big game developers like bungie and digital extreme will have hot fixes and patches out within hours after releasing and update, and continue to release small fixes after that. They don't have a quota of fixes needed before they release a patch to qualify it.
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