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Trooper event showing that clone commando not so op

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edited October 4
With out heroes droids can vs easily now because clone commandos not so good from what all say about that they op.
Clones have only 1 good unit vs all 4 op units that droids have and they can kill them fast only when clone com using this buff that heals you a gives u a defense with out it they are useless trash and they die fast.The second fact that they are not op they have a bad ttk vs all this droid super units u need to use a full ammo for 1 kill and if u want to kill droideka first u need 2 rounds of ammo or 3.What i want to say that clone commandos not a problem problem is that droid heroes are bad vs clone heroes that op af


  • the matches where i played as CC i ended up dying a lot, even though im generally good with reinforcements, especially the droid commando. the biggest issue i have with the clone commando is his weapon spread and low damage (although the low damage could be due to the blaster bolt spread not hitting the target)
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