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Focused Feedback

Balance issues and how to fix them.

EA as we all know, is great at rushing out products no matter what state they happen to be in. "Ship it now, patch it later" mentality.

So here's the issue I've been encountering. And it frustrates me so much even that I've made an account here just so I can impotently express my dissatisfaction that EA won't bother fixing most likely.

I already see there are a trillion threads regarding the Clone Commando being broken. And he is. There is no valid argument to the contrary, the Clone team is going to dominate. 1k BP to buy, 3 grenades that can delete enemy armor and units, ridiculous health buff, a repulsor ability to knock even Sith on their butts, melee that does insane damage comparable to a lightsaber. Commando is broken, end of that discussion.

My main issue however, comes from the poorly designed Capital Assault game mode. Specifically the final objective when attacking the enemy ship.

Those narrow hallways are filled to the brim with grenade and explosive spam. It's next to impossible to get through.

I have now played a dozen matches on CA. Every time we have won, because I have been stupidly lucky to be on the Clone team every single time. We dominate handily, with the only 2 games where CIS came anywhere CLOSE to catching up they were still under 60%

We then take the first 2 sets of objectives on the ship rather handily, and when we eventually get to the "Destroy enemy power generators" that's where it ends.

For some absolutely asinine reason, there only ever seem to be 2 or 3 narrow choke points that the enemy team can beyond easily defend. At this juncture, most everyone has enough BP to be able to afford the better units, and they certainly use them. Between the explosive spam, turret spam, heroes and vanguards/enforcers, there is absolutely NO getting through the tiny doors we're expected to squeeze through.

If by some miracle you manage it, as we have done a few times, we are lucky to destroy one of the 3 objectives. Maybe 2, before the enemy team swarms back over us and demolishes us. Then we're right back to square one with having to push those narrow hallways again. There isn't enough time in the day, much less on the clock.

I don't have the care to keep doing the back and forth tango for 5 hours just to either finally get lucky or to lose. I have quit every match I've played on this game mode because I simply cannot be Effed to bash my head against a durasteel wall in the hopes that it will give way.

The main issue that causes the attackers to be spread so ridiculously thin is that there is no forward spawn. You start in the hangar bay, you respawn in the hangar bay through the entirety of the assault. And more than half the time your teammates are pinned down in those aforementioned narrow halls, so you can't even spawn on them because they're indefinitely "in combat" or dead. So enjoy running ALL THE WAY from the hangar again, bucko.

Meanwhile the defenders get to respawn a stone's throw away from the final objective, allowing them to respawn and flood over the attackers in a mere 10 seconds or less.

To try and balance this out, the attacking team should get a forward spawn after they take the second set of objectives. This way the majority of the game isn't spent running like a gormless fool from the start back to the final objective while the enemy team takes one step out of their respawn area and immediately returns to spamming explosives into your hallway.

The Commando nerfs have been discussed a ton already on these forums, so I won't go over them here.

I'm simply telling you that the attackers have such an uphill slog to go through that not even the Commandos in their current broken state can manage to push back against these tiny choke points that the entire enemy team is concentrated standing around with turrets and rockets and a torrent of blasterfire.


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