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EXTRACTION: Daily Challenges and How can we play them?

212 posts Member
Please bring back Extraction into it's own standalone mode. I cannot get a game of Extraction to fulfill the Daily Challenge. Please bring back the mode. How can we kill 10 players around the Payload in a Daily Challenges if we are just forced to play Strike?? Give us more Ewok Hunt Daily Challenges instead if Strike MUST be dominant until the next update.


  • Exactly, Extraction is my favorite mode and now we have no way to play. Please restore it so we can play.
  • It's just Strike over and over??? Extraction as we knew it cannot be played.
  • I think the point is if they make daily extraction quests people will start playing it. Kind of a way to force players into doing something they don't want to so that the people who do want it have someone to play with.
  • Tigzee
    212 posts Member
    I do comprehend... but where and how does one complete a Daily Challenge in Extraction if Extraction itself is not available?
  • Extraction is by far the better game of the two. If you cannot bring it back as it was why not have it so that strike comes on every 100th game instead of extraction. I for one play BF2 alot less now.
    Get it sorted
  • There simply seems to be no way of playing Extraction any longer.... and everyday I still get a Daily Challenge for it!!! ???
  • So this update will let us play Extraction now?
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