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Remove regular 4 units they are uslees

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edited October 7
I don't know why this 4 units still in the game there is no point to play with them any more u die from every other super unit or from hero in a seconds and u cant do to them [Removed] .U need 5 or more shot to kill a jet trooper with assault but they just 1 shots u in the legs Dice need to buff them or this game is done.

Leave out the swearing please. ~Rtas
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  • Gonna disagree with this, I never run heros or special units at this point, & I have no problem taking out such opposition. It all comes down to how you face off against them. Also, why those units haven't been removed, because it's battlefront, not some SW game that soleyl focuses on heros & special units.
  • Nah. You just have to figure out how and when to use them. I've been having a blast playing officer again, especially in co op.
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