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Reduce Iden’s Alt. fire damage.



  • Y'all trashin' Iden like she's super broken compared to every other Hero in the game. In HvV, her Stun Droid and Alt Fire are the two MAIN viable abilities she has. Who really sits back and snipes with her Cannon? If you do, I hope to God I don't see you playing like that, I'll go find another game. And btw, yes, I do use her "alternatively" in HvV and GA at Rank 20. My main is Bossk (Rank 42) for the Dark Side and Lando (Rank 28) /Han (Rank 30) for Light Side.

    Han: His detonator can kill multiple...let me say that again in bold, multiple Troopers at once, especially with his "Air Burst" star card at Tier 4. Where's the gripe about that? (crickets)….

    Lando: His Wide Eyed ability can target up to 5 players at once, and guess what, they can 1 shot Troopers. Where's the complaint about that? (crickets)…..

    Leia: Her Secondary Fire can also 1 shot 150 HP Troopers with her "Laser Brain" Star Card at Tier 4. I've done it PLENTY today. And before you say something, yes, Leia's Secondary Fire DID receive a nerf awhile ago. Anyone here sobbing about Leia's Secondary Fire 1 shotting players? (crickets)…..

    Chewy: He doesn't need to perform his "Furious Bowcaster" ability to 1 shot 150 HP Troopers at close range. Anyone care to jump up and down kicking and screaming about that? (crickets)…….

    But it's Iden's Alt Fire that grinding some players gears. Look more into other Hero's compared to her 1HK performance then come back with some substance. Complaining it's "annoying" or "still broke" isn't going to change anything for her. Not every person who uses a Iden in HvV, GA or CS are GODS. Those who can utilize her efficiently are the real deal, just don't get salty when you see a decent player using Iden moping the floor with your body.

    See, I can go on and on with all these Blaster Hero's 1HK abilities / non-abilities and what not, but some ppl here are just beating a dead horse that's been drowning since launch.

    Iden took a Alt Fire charge up nerf, is still a tiny bit faster than the Heavies TL-50 due to Iden's "Alternative Methods" star card. I've used the Heavy TL-50 Alt Fire on other 200HP Heavy players dead on their chest without being buffed or deployed their Heavy Shield, and you know what, they survived, barely. Now, Iden on the other hand, I have 1 shotted 200HP Heavy players dead on full body shot up close. Her splash damage is another thing, you, as a Trooper can SURVIVE her Alt Fire splash damage. 150HP Troopers, sorry, but If ur hit dead on, you're dead. Heavy, you "might" live to see another day, depends on where the shot lands.

    Iden is viable for both GA/CS and HvV. DICE does NOT need to touch her. Forgive me, but I haven't even touched on the Lightsaber Hero's that can chain push and pull, rag doll you 1/2 way across the map, jump higher and run faster than Troopers of any kind and slash you ONCE with their 10 foot lightsaber and you don't' stand a chance, let alone 3 direct hits of ANY lightsaber to 650HP Iden or 600HP Bossk, they are good as dead.....need I say more? Thought so.
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  • MC_XIX wrote: »
    The_Rookie wrote: »
    MC_XIX wrote: »
    No thanks. Secondary Fire is her greatest weapon, and it has just received a small nerf.

    If it was nerfed, her pulse cannon would need a buff / rework (it kinda does anyway).

    You really do defend every single DS character. Did you ever see my request for you to stream?

    I defend any character that I think is in a good spot. What do I need to stream for?
    Because you refuse to play with me and I want to see how your version of the game differs from mine.
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  • Clone201
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    Clone201 wrote: »
    Nah her alt fire is fine. Shes already a free kill. Alt fire is the best thing she has going for her and would be terrible if it got nerfed.

    Can't agree with this more. She's easily a free kill against saber heroes and if you have infantry with a blaster that does splash damage, she can be taken out really easily. Her pulse cannon seems to have a significant damage dropoff at distance, along with the fact that it takes time to charge and shoot, and she doesn't have a particularly powerful blaster or other abilities that do significant damage so her alt fire doesn't need to be nerfed. She's not like Bossk who has abilities that can get kills and melt infantry without needing to be near the objective. Iden is more of a support hero and needs to have an advantage to be effective. Without a powerful blaster and without secondary abilities like Han, Chewie, Lando, or Han that can really deal damage to infantry without long charges, her alt fire is fine.

    Idens pulse doesn't have damage drop off. Also its really fast to shoot. The charge up is how long you have left before it auto fires.

    There's definitely a damage dropoff. Using it in the interior of Crait vs the first two phases of Starkiller Base at distance, the same shots get OHKs vs needing multiple shots to take down infantry. Closer up, body shots are a OHK but at distance, no.

    The Pulse Cannon actually does more damage the further away the targets are, rather than closer. Also zooming in on it increases bolt damage by 80%.

    Whenever I use it, I always zoom and charge it and tested it on Crait because that's the map most conducive to sniper play, and there was a clear damage dropoff. Headshots, there's no difference but one round, I tried to land body shots and there's definitely a dropoff between sniping from distance and charging vs shooting from closer range doing the same.

    You may not actually be hitting them directly with the bolt. Keep in mind that her pulse rifle has both splash damage and a bolt, so you would still deal some damage even if you miss. Also it's quite difficult to aim and predict the projectile arc, but IF you actually do directly hit them whilst they are 50 or more meters away from you whilst zoomed in for the extra damage, you can do 200 damage or 362 with headshots exactly.

    Also you do not have to charge it up to max everytime. You can fire nearly immediately and it will still deal full damage.
    Man! Could this game get any more broken?
  • Nerf this and nerf that. So soft.

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  • Hush. Alt. Fire is fine dude.
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