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November Community Calendar
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Suggestion: increase the max players (48, 56 or 64) in GA & CS

I think that this game has few players for some maps of GA and all in CS. For exemple Geonosis (GA) is a map for 64 players. Now it's a little empty and missing many units (LAAT, Geonosian warrios, Geonosis Starfighter, Clone Flame trooper, OG-9 droid, Dwarf droid, Hailfire droid). Even it could increase the map limits.

Other motive is that now there are many reinforcements and heroes in the battlefield at the same time, and some times missing normal troopers. And at the future could arrive still more reinforcements and vehicles.

With the EOR matchmaking is possible to have some maps with more players and other with less because after the 2 matches in each map, the system does new matchmaking.




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