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October Patch 2019 - Release Notes



  • Capital Supremacy
    • Added a panel as the destruction objective on the Reactor Cores on the Republic Attack Cruiser. This is to direct where players can shoot at and where defenders have to keep their attention. Players are now required to shoot at a panel on the Reactor Core to reduce its health.

    Ok... so I need to come on the forum to discover how it works now ... hard to figure it out in the game with a strong defense :)
    I agree that Clone/Droid targets needed balance ... I would have prefered an easier target for clones, but let's try your idea (now I know what I have to do).
  • Sledgehammer approach to hero balancing as usual.

    Completely changing the nature of barrage cards for Boba and removing damage immunity from Vader.

    Why not just tweak the values?
  • I don’t know why the children are crying, but Bob and Darth Vader became balance heroes, not imba. Thanks to the developers for such an update, in fact I am satisfied.
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