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B2 Jump droid need a fast nerf

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edited October 9
All talking about clone commando but no one is talking about B2jump droid that is op af for along time.They have a lot of hp best gun in the game with fast cd skills like rocket and jet pack jumps.Unit that can solo every hero in the game and can 1 shot every regular unit.Clone commando looks like ***** to this op unit that can 2 shot u from 100 meters .
Playing with this unit will always guarantees u first or second place in the score and with 150+kills and u dont need to be super skilled with it because its brain dead unit.
Nerfs that needed its lower his hp to 200 like clone jet unit nerf his fast jet pack cd and nerf his range its not a sniper rifle.


  • So after speeder, this is new problem for heroes supremacy?!

    What really needs a nerf is heroes cost and respawn time...
  • Hahahaha no. Its fine the way it is. Its a good rival to the Clone Jet Trooper. Its not better than the CJT tho

    Rule 39: Never say no to Bacta

    When you have been playing since launch Cool kid 8)

    I want to make a squad of 4 Commandos and then scream "FORM UP DELTA SQUAD"

    We need Delta Squad Commando skins.
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