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Do devs want balance?

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It seems every change and update is for the purpose of balance. Since that’s the case ...

Here’s some NEEDS:
1. Remove the ability to open heroes up from blocking during stagger. That window is too large and really shouldn’t be there at all; Blocking should always work if you have stamina. Players are skilled and can gang up & get to your back and hit you in a dozen other ways. They don’t need all this extra help on offense. DEFENSE is what is unbalanced.

Kylo players exploit this stagger and freeze all 4 saber characters on lightside by doing a hop-pull& freeze all in 1-2 seconds

2. Remove Vader’s ability to choke out of freeze. It leaves no chance for characters to defend, moving from ability to ability. Sequencing is fine but this goes beyond. I can’t beleive I’m saying this as a vader main, but it’s true.

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