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What Instant Action Needs!

Here is a list of what I think Instant Action needs:
  • all of the settings from Arcade
  • AI vehicles (yes, I know that they're coming)
  • AI heroes for your team, not just the enemy team
  • setting to change the time of day of the match
  • more eras
  • setting to alter player counts
  • setting to alter whether heroes are in the match or not for your team and enemy team
  • setting for hero count (example: 2 heroes per team or 4 heroes per team)
  • setting to turn on or off vehicles
  • AI starfighters
  • setting to turn starfighters on or off
  • add a version of CO-OP in which there is only AI (could function as a perfect attack & defend game mode)
  • AI skin selector (both infantry and heroes)
  • a playlist so you can play multiple matches without having to go back to the menu (like Instant Action in the original Battlefront games)
If you have any more ideas for Instant Action, please comment below.


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