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November Community Calendar

Obi-Wan and his gltich

This Obi-Wan glitch is used by a lot of people by purpose in HvV and in ohter modes. Especially if someone is low on health. I may activate this accidently too so pls EA do me a favor:
1. Repair this glitch instantly, if not possible then
2. Remove the damage reduction, if not then
3. Remove Obi-Wan temporaliy!
4. Thx


  • Yeah Papa Palps was killswitched for much less imo. Sure he could hit you through walls, but at least you could potentially defeat him. Obi-Wan is practically unbeatable with constant 80% damage reduction unless everyone on the enemy team is concentrating solely on him.
  • THIS! Just got done playing a game on Naboo and every Obi-Wan player was practically immune to DMG (and not just the ones around Finn, Leia, and the Clone Commandos) as I'm certain most people exploit the bug (I never have and I never will).
    I had Kylo Ren equipped with Resilience (I was near a friendly Iden player who was cowering around the main entrance before the stairwells leading up to the Throne Room), Bloodlust, & Power of Darkness. The Obi-Wan player in question was completely alone and not even remotely close to any of the previously mentioned units that grant DMG Reduction.
    Somehow, I barely inflicted any DMG on them even when Obi-Wan was immobilized by Freeze (as that lame red Shield Icon kept showing above them) and they killed me before I could even get them below 50% health.
    ValarMorghulisDL on PSN
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