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All abilitys should have an indicator how many enemys or teammates are in range

some may say "just play the game you will learn it" but its not like I dont know it or I'm bad (I would consider myself as a good player in HvV and solid in the other modes) I just think it would be a nice addition.


  • I know what you mean. Sometimes you are just not sure if your enemy is in range of your force push ability. My idea was to have a quick check of the outline of your abilities but your idea seems better.
  • I'm all for "client-side" type hud elements like this being added. Just please no more like the "server-side" visible to everyone stamina bar on the Heroes/Villains. Completely takes the fun and challenge out of both playing them and fighting them. To your point though, it should be easy considering Kylo, Yoda, Anakin, The Officer class, etc. already have this on some of their abilities.
  • I’m not entirely sure that I would enjoy this change. It would make the actual gameplay in hvv less challenging. I feel that it’s important to learn the distances for each ability. It’s like throwing a thermal detonator, you don’t know where it’s going to land unless you get very good at learning the distance it travels and predicting it’s arc.
  • ULTIMATEMurloc
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    edited October 22
    A force user with force push would know the limit of his or her own ability and thus so should the user playing as that character.

    I'm leaning more toward knowing.
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