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November Community Calendar

Just bring back LOL, Dislike, Disagree and some other stuff.

Some of the posts are nearly making me post in all caps just to get a point across. Then at the end of writing it I just drop it because it was so much simpler before with one click of a button.

They said it was for
it quickly had a negative impact on community health and discussion.
... well you guys just made it worse.

Only able to place positive reaction on things we find the opposite is basically repression of emotions irl which is extremely bad for mental health.

And not to mention I loved getting LOLed (LOL is in my blood) and it was the last thing that got removed and that made me anti LOL.

So please return the true balancing tool back to the forum.

Also bring preview post back also. I’m having some hard times with links and pictures (if they work or not) and only get a 0.5 inch by 2.25 inch box to read 5 sentences of my post on my phone(because I can’t rely on my pc).
Then when I edit they get removed...

Second thought I might just move over to Reddit at least they got some better decency on the way people write and respond to posts...

#Pride and Accomplishment
^ thats the true reason they removed them from forums.
What does DX in my name stand for?


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