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Have starships been abandoned?

Starfighter mode is sadly the ugly brother of all the modes. I don't know the reasons but it has not recieved an update since... I can't even remember.
Each time there is a new update published I read through all the errors fixed/improvements and there is no reference to ships or starfighter assult. Not to mention new scenarios.
Does this mean the game mode is perfect? Of course not. It is one of the modes where upgrading your heros (starships) is more difficult, perhaps some balance could be made here. The starships hero vs villains mode does not feel as good as the "standard" h vs v mode. It is way too slow to get into the action and once you are dead... its over, you'll just have to wait, you cannot continue gaining points with your heros.
I assume I am not the only one wanting some activity around this field of the game.
I really cannot believe there are more players willing to have a go with ewoks than with starfighters.
Is there going to be something new? Or is it officially abandoned?
I am sure there is a lot of material to be developed, it is not a lack of ideas. If you ask fans what they think about introducing B-wings, tie defenders, voices in hero starships, 4 player co-op mode, refurbished scenarios from SW Battlefront I... I am sure the answer would be a "Hell! YES!"


  • Thanks for bring up the topic. It’s good someone’s talking about the importance of ships in the game. They just need more developers.
  • Sure seams like it doesn't it? BF2015 had at least 4 great SA maps that could be ported into BF2, but oh no, we need new skins for Dooku and Anakin more....
  • Then there is at least 2 potential SA maps in the Campaign mode already IN BF2.
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