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How to make hero combat more skill based?

I get killed to 90% by bugs. It is infuriating. So fix them first.

But still, hero combat is more about spam and numbers then about skill. While I think that without bugs the hero combat could actually be enjoyable a system is missing.

Would you like something like Overwatch?
Support damage dealer rank (speed)?

I think the system would work really well with defund roles. Every character still has a certain playstyle and is unique but extrem multi roles or characters that are 3 times bettervthen others don’t exist.
I would also suggest that the regen is only prominent on certain heroes so that support matter more in every „skill league“.

Tank: Damag: 130
regen 200
Speed Medium
hp 850
Swing speed medium

Vador: Rage: 200 bonus health 150 choke damage 150 lightsaber damage

Yoda: Presence(only for himself): 200 bonus health 150 push damage 75 sprint damage

What do you think of this?
Abilities and star cards would need to be changed ofc but it’s more about the general idea.


  • Yoda should be able to activate his presence in the air again
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  • CC_1010
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  • bfloo
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    They would need to add a new melee cs to make it skill based.
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  • they need to add a block breaker for saber heroes imo that would help saber combat some.

    and fix issues such as taking damage when someone is just swinging at the air.
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