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November Community Calendar

Teams in hero play

Between players camping out and not playing, and the professional teams you've ruined hero play. Now I get jumped by three/four team members as I watch my help just stand there. Move the teams to their own que.


  • The buddy system my friend. Unfortunately you jumped on a server with either showboaters who go for the kill after you've done damage or worse, Newbs who think they are invincible as a hero.
    The only way to win in HvV is to play as a team because the other side has heroes just as powerful as you and the smart ones KNOW only teams win these matches.
    You will get your share of kills as a team member and the most important part is that you "learn" to get better playing your hero. Crybaby quitting doesn't teach you anything and even a good team with 1 less player can beat a group of individual show boaters everytime. I've done it more than once... B)
  • An important PSA: Those who try to go for a kill after an opponent has been weakened are always smoked by that player's team mates shortly after. :p
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