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November Community Calendar
Triple XP Event

Luke Skywalker Farmboy Skin and "KENOBI!" emote.

I have seen the new skin and new emote for Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul however I am unable to see unlock them. In the collections menu, I can see the new items but they are unavailable to unlock. Please help.


  • GrayOne
    415 posts Member
    edited October 18
    Lol, I just posted a question about the farm boy was my impression that they were only able to be unlocked through community event challenge at this time. My question was, when would they be available for purchase with credits. Soon I hope.
  • OcDoc
    2004 posts Member
    The event is still active. Get 150 kills in co-op for the Luke skin. Capture 15 control points on Felucia in CS for the “KENOBI” emote.

    When you achieve those goals, there will be a pop-up in the middle of your screen that says the item you earned is no available.

    It is easy to get the Luke skin, so I would suggest start with co-op and just go ahead and knock that out. 15 control points on Felucia is a little trickier. Gotta be In the control point boundary at the time it is captured for it to count and it is only on Felucia.

    Good luck!
  • I missed out on this event by being out of country. Which really, really sucked considering this is the one skin I want the most next to the Dagobah skin. Any chance there will be a follow-up?
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