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So they’re not bringing any other era into CO-OP just CS?

Anyone know if this is changing? I’m just confused, this is a Star Wars game not a clone wars game. It’s boring getting stuck with the same characters over and over again. Clone wars characters are the only characters playable in every game mode. This limits the game and makes it so boring and why I only play those game modes for events.


  • They need to either add the other eras or add of the heroes not just era specific ones.
  • Yes, they’re focusing too much on clone wars IMO. They have all the good maps and their own modes. Please add more OT content its my favourite and the most popular in general. Some more sequel content wouldn’t hurt too although I personally have no love for the sequel I’m sure some others do.
  • rollind24 wrote: »
    I don’t understand the decision making process of creating content and not using a baseline of 1 PT, 1 OT, 1 ST.
    This game is much too clone wars focused.
  • They should at least open all of the other heroes for Co-Op then. I am so bored of the Clone Wars era heroes already.
  • We don't know what they're doing with The Rise of Skywalker, yet. It's the biggest content drop they've had in the entire game, so it could easily be all the other eras in the new modes in addition to new maps and units for the new movie.
  • realta333
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    TopGun_15 wrote: »
    This limits the game and makes it so boring and why I only play those game modes for events.

    Your descent into hell begins here, Mr. TopGun_15 ;)
  • F8RGE did say a while ago right here on the forums that now that Felucia and Co-op are done, they’re “turning their attention to other eras.” Obviously, with RoS so close, that means ST, but let’s hope for GA, co-op and CS content. It would be an amazing breath of fresh air after fifteen months of Clone Wars.
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