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Going forward

I've been a fan of this game since day one, despite all the controversies, its never been a bad game. And with the love and support of the dev team and fans, two years later it is still an absolute gem.

Now that we've stepped out of the Clone Wars era and have received some epic OT skin updates, with Farmboy and Yellow Jacket Luke and New Hope Han, what does everyone want to see in Battlefront II's future in the way of OT and ST content? Or additions in general that you would welcome into the game?

I personally would like more class weapons (I'm sure we all are hoping for that) and would love to see some 2015 Battlefront locations reappear. Sullust and Scarif would be pretty sweet. Would be nice to see a few obscure fan favourites thrown in too, like when they added blasters from the Jedi Knight / Dark Forces games to 2015's line up. Little bit of fan service to us oldies.


  • Weapons and maps. Extraction maps would be great.
  • For me, any single player content I'd like. Multiplayer I'd like to see Ventress, Tano, old Han skin, BF1 maps, CS mode for all eras. More throwbacks like the dark forces weapons would be ace.
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