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Clone commando main weapon is bad

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edited October 17
Why they made this dc 15 so bad this low damage this bad range i dont see a logic in this. This game not a stupid call of duty with 8x8 maps and this weapon not a shotgun.A Lot of weapons in this game with small range and not this one.After they fixed clone commando buff of 50% and now its 25% its so hard to kill alot of unit 1vs1 because u cant do alot of damage to them and u die faster.


  • GoodBytes
    159 posts Member
    edited October 20
    Agree the Commando's DC-17m is pretty bad. But then all trooper blaster damage is pretty bad.

    If DICE gave us canon weapon performance all the unworthy people who play as heros characters will complain about how they die too fast...
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    Alone against all these droids....? Hmph... they don't stand a chance.
  • It is good at close range but it is pretty useless any farther away. It could use a bit of a buff.
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