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(ROS) Old man Luke Skin!

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edited October 17
An Older, wiser Luke Skin would be great, since the Rise of Skywalker is right around the corner.
Do old man Luke right, put him in the spotlight.
*And Luke's ceremony skin should include his gold medal.


  • I agree with the old Luke bit. Wouldn't mind seeing old Han too. With the ceremony, I like that idea, but he also wore that outfit in the marvel star wars comics as his general travel/ rebel mission outfit between EP 4 and EP 5. I kind of prefer it without for those reasons but still like the idea.
  • Yeah, it would be alright to see the wiser, but still fashionable skins of the old crew come about from the Rise of Skywalker marketing. I suppose the ceremony skin is for the battlefront and the medals will be for show during political and diplomatic gatherings.
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