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November Community Calendar

I'm not having fun

I want to like the game but I don't think I'm playing it right. I'm always being dumped on by a maxed out Anakin or Palpatine etc. Rarely do I ever find myself surviving long enough to get some good fights in. So I tried playing the elite characters but they seem weak and far too inferior to counter. I've picked up that I'm not supposed to play this like a standard battlefield game, and that the point is to earn enough points to keep my Elites up through the match, but I'm so far behind in cards etc that I feel like picking them is just a liability for my team. Any advice?


  • Best advice I can give you is to learn their playstyle and counter them. The more you play the more you learn.

    I would stay away from 4v4 HvV if I were you, if you don't like getting ganged up on.

    I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.
  • Use the bot gameplay to improve and learn the Heroes.
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