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Repulsor Cannon still bugged?

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edited October 18
The specialist ability.. is it still messed up?
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  • Tried it once. Doesnt seem like it does anything
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  • If they don't plan on fixing it why even have a completely broken star card.. that's not content that's neglect.
  • Dont bother using it its useless card either way.
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  • It might be good if it worked further away than melee range, did some damage, and/or had a bit of a stunning effect so you could actually do something after popping the person. At least Flash Pistol also functions as a sidearm in addition to its silly firecracker popper (which also actually works as described).
  • You’re right about one thing in your title... it’s certainly repulsive, They’re never going to fix it I’ve written it off never going to use best to stick to the stinger pistol
  • Just changed it lol. But come on that's a fun star card. Give the Jedi a taste of their own medicine by pushing them off a ledge or something.
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