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AT-STs need a change

Look, I generally don’t go on the forums asking for nerfs or buffs but recently the AT-STs have been getting on my nerves because they are so difficult to kill, most of the time your teammates have no idea what they are doing and never shoot it down and they just let them run around and destroy everyone and everything, not only that they are so op against saber and blaster hero’s the best bet you have is to run away but even that they eventually catch up to you and kill you without being able to do anything about it, it’s even worse if the person is tunnel visioning you. Also I noticed that they are one hit killing heroes with the anti hero missiles and one hit killing hero’s by stepping on them I don’t know about you guys but that’s ridiculous especially since they are fast and have great accuracy so I suggest that hero’s either have one of their abilities do some sort of damage to atsts cause their is no abilities that do anything or they just get nerfed as much as I don’t like that word
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