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Rebel Reinforcement Concept/Idea: Rebel Commando/Rebel Spec Force

I feel like we need a new rebel enforcer reinforcement. It doesn't even feel right to play wookiee warrior on any map except for kashyyyk. This reinforcement could replace the wookiee warrior. The reinforcement could be a rebel commando.

Their weapon could be an A180 blaster rifle or an A300 blaster rifle. The blaster wouldn't function as a repeating blaster, but it would have a good fire rate, faster than the default blaster rifles. They could also have around 350 HP or so.
Here are the abilities:

First Ability: Thermal Imploder

Second Ability: Cell Upgrade. This will instantly cooldown your blaster and give your blaster bonus damage. This lasts for 7 seconds.

Third Ability: Helmet Scan.

Now their appearance/skin will depend on what map they are available on.

for example, the hoth appearance would look like this v

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