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November Community Calendar

Add (Clone) Commanders As A Reinforcement.

Adding a Clone Commander such as Rex has been a must since the beginning. However I don't think they should be limited to being heroes, because I think there's not much you can do in terms of abilities. I think there's an excellent opportunity to add Commanders as a reinforcement.
Now we know we're getting skins for reinforcements we could literally get a bunch of skins for the very easy and possible "Commander" reinforcement. Skins like Rex, Cody, Grey, Havoc, Gree, Thorn etc. would be cool to have without needed to make them heroes and give them separate abilities.

I think the way it should work in terms of operational use on the battlefront should be that they are a blend between Enforcer and Infiltrator.

Possible Abilities and Basic Concept:
A Clone Commander could be armed with a more lethal DC-15s. Has a slight higher fire rate.
  • Dual Wield: Have dual wield weapons as an ability to use for a brief time to get out of tight situations and to finish off enemies. I think this would make sense since most Commanders usually carry two DC-17's as standard anyways.
  • Tactical Recon: Like the Infiltrator, a Commander can scan an area, however, this scanning can differentiate the type enemy on the battlefront e.g. Highlights heroes and reinforcements in a different color than troopers. It gives more of a more tactical edge making it more strategic and able to push forward with more ease.
  • Fortify Master: Like an Officer, the Commander can boost health (without stacking) other players on the battlefront with the inclusion of temporarily identifying enemies in close proximity.

I think this doesn't have to be limited to the Clone Wars era of even the clones in general. You could build something of similar concept around Droids, Imperial Era and New Era. I think this would be a nice addition to the game without changing to much and satisfies those who really want to play as Clone Commanders too. It's just a concept but I think would really be fun to use. I would like to know what others think of this...
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