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Capital Supremacy for OT

I think it is a fact that, although capital supremacy is very entertaining, but very repetitive with heroes and villains and capital ships, I propose three maps for the OT:
Hoth, Endor and Jakku
Obviously the capital ships would be a Mon Calamari cruiser and a destroyer the imperial,
Hoth would be because I think it is the most iconic battle over land in the OT and must have its map of Capital Supremacy
in Endor, they could even replace the imperial deteuctor with the second death star itself
Jakku would be because in various media of the canon, including the Battlefront II campaign itself, they tell us that it was a very big battle and that practically everyone (except for Darth Vader and the Emperor) were there
From heroes I would put:
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Princess Leia
Lando Calrissian
on behalf of the villains would put:
Darth vader
Boba Fett
Iden Versio
Emperor Palpatine.
Nor do I think it makes no sense that if they take this into account they want to remove Vader and Palpatine from jakku even if they are canonically dead, since in itself it is canonically illogical that Maul and the bounty hunters are available in galactic assault or even Capital Supremacy


  • Batman20
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    edited October 18
    Pretty much everybody wants this so hopefully it's something dice are working on right now. And not just OT but give us ST as well
  • I know I’ve posted this on several posts, but it’s something that I feel really needs to be addressed and discussed.

    I’m not sure how many people would agree with me on this, but if they ever bring OT and ST to Capital Supremacy, they should implement a few changes IMO.

    My main problem with CS is the lack of objective variety. No matter what map you’re on, the objectives are literally the exact same thing.

    The Ground phase could stay relatively the same, but here are some changes that I hope they consider:

    Ship Phase:

    They made the mistake of merging Extraction and Strike into a single playlist.

    What they should do is think about merging them into Capital Supremacy.

    The objectives would vary depending on the maps. On some maps, it could be sabotaging the ship’s weapons storage, shield generator, reactor, hyperdrive generator, etc.

    On other maps, it could be to blast your way into the detention center and extract something valuable. A droid, a payload, etc.

    After the Capital Ship Phase:

    They should really give starfighters a role in taking down capital ships.

    After the capital ship phase, there should be one Starfighter Assault phase.

    We got to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer in BF2015, and we get to destroy a Rebel MC80 in this game.

    We also get to take down a First Order Star Destroyer, but we’re still missing a Resistance capital ship.

    And we also get to take down a Republic Venator, but no CIS Dreadnought. Although we do have the Lukrehulk.

    It’d be a real shame and missed opportunity to let these wonderful assets go to waste.

    Attackers could have bombing squadrons.

    Defenders could have 2-4 light cruisers around their capital ship.

    Key note: I do understand that not a lot of people like flying, but Starfighter Assault players really need something new. Therefore, they should implement this on at least 3 maps.

    With the things that I’ve mentioned above, it should provide something for almost everyone.
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