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Blaster heroes in GA

1425 posts Member
edited October 18
There should be a different class for them, they should cost from 3000-3500BP's

This way you can have one force user at the first phase and 2 blaster heroes at the first phase.

At the last phase you can have a maximun of 2 force users and a max of 3 blaster heroes.(this would help with the chaos at the last phase)

This would help with the hero problem in GA where everyone wants to be a hero.(more heroes on the battlefront but less OP ones.)

This is just a general thought I had, I know this could be implemented much better, the main point is that force users and blasters need to be different classes.


  • Or you could just buff them so they are actually herolike
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  • blaster heroes LAWL

    would not mind them getting a lower price and be in there own separate class.
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  • Raices
    1425 posts Member
    unit900000 wrote: »
    blaster heroes LAWL

    would not mind them getting a lower price and be in there own separate class.

    Yeah man, no matter how many buffs they receive I feel they will never be as good as force users in GA.
  • Sad_History
    152 posts Member
    edited October 19
    It's because of Lukes Palps and Anis CC and the others dashes. They need to be toned down. Luke is ridiculous in GA.

    Blasters are balanced, except maybe Hans detonator
  • I chose to play heavy or soldiers over heroes in GA most of the time, but I don't agree that the heroes should be toned down. (HU excluded)
    They're siths/Jedis.. in comparison they should be elite.
  • Ppong_Man12
    2770 posts Member
    edited October 19
    Good post op, I thought about making a post that was similar a while back. I think a lot of talk about heroes are the problem it’s actually meaning saber heroes, imo it’s what kills balance in GA imo.

    Saber/force users is what kills balance and is the most spammed imo. If the 1st and 2 phases had 1 blaster and 1 saber max that would be a huge help to balance I think. Far to many saber/force heroes at one time imo.

    Another issue may be the choke points with added health buffs, not sure how they could balance that out, can’t be any worse that it already is though.
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