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November Community Calendar

It's just caos with no hero limit

It's my first time in the forums, so I don't know if it's just an event or it's permanent.
I loved the cost reduction, I would often end a game with 8k+ because people always hug heroes, hiding, killing one lone trooper then hiding again for hours. The cost made people stop clinging to heroes since 1k is not a big deal.

My problem is that there is no hero limit anymore, objectives are always crowded with 4 or more heroes, in the last push is impossible to play, you die seconds after spawning since there a 10 friking Jedis in like 4 square meters.

I know people who could have anaking all day long hiding in a corner don't like the price change, I'm okay with sharing, I would just like to have no more than 4 heroes at the same time, is almost impossible to play this way


  • It's an event.

  • OcDoc
    2002 posts Member
    Just temporary. It can be fun if you have the right mindset and don’t get too worked up about being killed.

    Have fun with it. It is fast paced and exciting and only for the weekend.

    Welcome to the board and from the way you worded things... welcome to the game!
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