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Replace Palpatine's dark aura with a new ability ? ? ?

Okay so I have been thinking, Palpatine's middle ability ( the Dark Aura ability) is nearly useless. So lets replace it!

Palpatine's new ability - Activate Lightsabers

Emperor Palpatine activates two gold red lightsabers that deal typical lightsaber (the amount of damage other heroes have) amounts of damage. These lightsabers would usually work as the typical ones the other heroes use. While the ability is activated palpatine's dodges become more powerful (as in his dodges launch him further). Maybe if he uses a dodge his active ability time decreases. The duration could be around 10 - 20 seconds.

Just a simple thought nothing to take too seriously
Oh yeah and a clone wars palpatine skin would be cool too...... (The red robed one)
This is my first post so I don't really know anything bout these forums...


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