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Petition to change the dead rancor on Felucia to a jungle rancor

37 posts Member
edited October 19
This is just a small and picky sounding suggestion, but would still be nice. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that that type of rancor lived on Felucia. However, the jungle rancor did. I assume that the dead rancor is the way it is because it already exists in Jabba's palace and was just moved over. I get that, but it would be nice to be the jungle rancor instead.2ht0t55rx1zm.png


  • Cyro
    386 posts Member
    Replay The Force Unleshed. There ARE other types of Rancor there.

    Anyways i think this is a really really minor problem.
  • a_1
    37 posts Member
    It definitely is minor. There might have been other types there, I just either forgot or didn't know.
  • a_1
    37 posts Member
    So I did some research, and the Bull rancor can be found on Felucia in SW Legends. I can't find any other types for the Canon universe though.
  • There's a dead rancor on Felucia? Details, please.
  • a_1
    37 posts Member
    JackSpanky wrote: »
    There's a dead rancor on Felucia? Details, please.

    One of the command posts is near a cave(I think D but I'm not positive). There are some rocky arches around that area. It's up on one of them sort of near the edge and kind of partially falling off I think. It blends in so just walk around the area looking up and maybe you'll spot it.
  • a_1
    37 posts Member
    Those aren't my images, so I didn't even realize until I looked at the first image closer, that it looks like there is another one somewhere.
  • This would be a cool idea for like a Republic Army campaign.

    Clone Campaign Felucia

    Mission one: Conquer Felucia (so we play "Instant Action").

    Mission two: When we win, they say a CP is in danger by an Acklay guarding it's nest.
    They must defeat it.

    Mission three: Fight General Grevious.

    Mission four: Run for your life from a Jungle Rancor to the cave. Make a stand as Heavy Class and drop it with your troopers.

    Mission Five: Fight Darth Tyranus.

    Mission Six : You Try to escape to the shuttle but are cut off. You are now surrounded by a giant sarlaac. Your troopers must kill ever tentacle to make it defenseless. You do so and it starts to torrential rain. The flood washes water from a near by creek into the still alive sarlaac's mouth. The sarlaac drowns and fish now swim in it's maw. Your troops make it to the transport.

    We go to a cut scene of the LAAT flying off world.

    The end.

    “There is always hope.”
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