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Hero Starfighters in Galactic Assault

I know a lot of players are getting bored of Galactic Assault, not so much because it’s a boring game mode (in fact it’s widely considered the best) but because there has been little to nothing done to update it. I believe adding hero starfighters to certain maps would be enough to spice things up a little.

Here’s how it would work;

Prequels Era Maps:

Galactic Republic
- Yoda’s Actis-Class Light Interceptor

- Darth Maul’s Scimtar

Original Trilogy Maps:

Rebel Alliance
- Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon
- Luke Skywalker’s T-65B X-Wing

- Boba Fett’s Slave 1
- Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1

Sequel Era Maps:

Poe Dameron’s T-70 X-Wing

First Order-
Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer

- each hero starfighter costs 4,000 Battle Points
- For immersion purposes, once a starfighter is chosen, the hero for said starfighter will be locked for ground combat (vice versa)

The battle point cost is up for debate...I thought 4,000 BP would work best as it would allow for equal opportunity for a player to get either the normal hero or the hero starship. 4,000 may be overvaluing the abilities these starships will have in GA, not to mention the lack of players in aerial combat to begin with.

A lot of people may hate this idea but I think it would make GA way more nostalgic to have classic ships like the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 fly over head while a battle breaks out below.

...not to mention the addition of Poe Dameron to a game mode other than hero starfighter/starfighter assault. Just imagine flying as Poe taking on First Order Tie-Fighters on Takodana!!! Chills

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