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Remove frame 1 CC's!

What's the difference between Obi Wan's push and Lukes?

Obi Wan's goes less distance and gives you time to react unless Obi Wan uses a really weak version of it.
Luke can ping you across the map with no way to dodge or avoid the push except by "Using the force" to preempt when he will do it (aka spam roll and hope you don't get screwed by bad hitboxes).

Have you ever been pulled 30 feet by Anakin's pull with no ability to stop that and then hit by his push attack before you can even stand up? If every push/pull worked like Obi Wan's then maybe the game would work a lot better.
Maul's is one of the biggest examples of this, he holds you up in the air so you can get shot by everyone then flings you to kingdom come. What if there was a 0.5 second animation that played before he did that, such as him putting away his saber or extending his hand so you had the opportunity to avoid the attack? This would mean that players would have to catch enemies off guard such as how Obi Wan has to use his force attack.
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