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Add New Villain Skins

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Savage Oppress would be the best skin in the game if it could be a Darth Maul skin, and maybe even instead of Savage add Darth Maul with his cybernetic legs from the Clone Wars. A Battle Damaged Darth Vader would be a cool skin too, as it has been seen in the Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga video game. Maybe a Hooded Obi Wan like we see in the original trilogy? Maybe skins for reinforcements similar to the clones and separatists, such as Captain Rex for the ARC Troopers or maybe even IG88 for the Commando Droids. I think one of the coolest skins would be either a Jango Fett skin for the Aerial Troopers or Han Solo with carbonite still on him, like mud. Maybe Palpatine without the cloak? Or how he is in the campaign with the awesome red metalic suit and the screen face type deal. Or a Vader Unmasked as we see with Kylo Ren. I also thought maybe an Anakin Skywalker with his legs on fire?
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  • I Agree with a few of these, however i would change the Anakin with legs on fire to mabye just his Padawan appearance like in episode 2. Characters like Maul, Vader and Palp could definatly do with new skins though such as the ones you've suggested. I love the idea of a damaged Vader or Robot legged Maul. Mabye Palp when he was wearing the red robes when Mace was flung from a window?

    The villains have really drawn the short straw for the amount of skins available
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