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Skin/Villain Idea

Since Bobba is, well, Bobba I can understand that he has no skins, however heres my ideas.

1. battle damage Bobba, similar to how grievous has a battle damaged skin im sure the same could be applied to a bounty hunter that fights all over the galaxy.

2. A skin that turns Bobba into Jango. same abilities, same rate of fire. just a skin change and armour colour swap.

Villain idea links to this. Since Jango skin may be a push as he is a different character so i understand why it may not be an acceptable skin how about adding him in. Similar to Bobba but switch some abilitys and different rate of fire.

For example Jetpack is similar to a jetpack clone but has 2 or 3 uses before needing recharged like Luke or Mauls lunge attacks.

Rope wire instead of wrist rockets to enable similar ability to Kylo but would make people in the air drop to the ground when caught. Short duration of course.

Like Arc trooper left and right triggers fire individual pistols.

To counter this for light side mabye add in a hero such as Qui Gon Jin or Mace Windu
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