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November Community Calendar


I love old lego games. So nostalgic. When I was younger my favorite part was always the customization involved, and I really think this would be a great addition to the game. Players could, similar to Halo, customize peices of armor, add decals, and say if I was changing an Assult Class, I could add one ability from each class. Say thermal detonator, sentry, and flash bang. I could change what buttons to press to activate these, and even choose my own gun with my own modifications. Now of course this would be overpowering for the enemies so there could be a price with credits, seeing as the only point of credits are cosmetics that give no advantages. When I am finished I could save the character in a test tube type container and save him for future use. This could be a clone, separatist, anytype of default troop. This could have several advantages and fun game mechanics for players. 1. They could experiment with new abilities without fully emerging themselves into classes they are bad at. 2. With this mechanic there could be a free for all game mode considering the different colors and decals. 3. Players can enjoy more diversity added into the game in all out chaos. 4. Players could use different additions, capes, maybe, and re create their favorite clones from the Clone Wars TV series. As you can tell there are several advantages here and it would be amazing to have this feature in the game. Maybe the same could be for heroes? Let me know what you think.
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